An example: Tuborg breweries had 200 copies of their famos billboard with a sweating man standing by a country road made in 1984. It was manufactured in Germany by Boss & Hahn, and the size was 222 x 122cm. (In German "Der durstige Mann").

Hi, and welcome to my homepage.

My name is Søren Christensen

I am a Danish billboard collector. I collect enamel billboards from all Europe, but especially from Denmark. I started my collection of enamel billboards in 1977. The major part of my collection are picture billboards predating 1950, but I also have some from the last 20 years. I have billboards in most genres: groceries, breweries, tobacco, ships, insurance, cars, farming, oil products, billboards with maps, etc.,but also enamel signs from post-offices and embassies.

Lots of breweries have begun using enamel billboards again, primarily for decoration of pubs.


Enamel billboards had its heyday in Denmark from the late twenties untill the Second World War.

The most famous, and much coveted, Danish billboard is the Adamas Cigarettes billboard from 1928 made by Johs. Thejll of Copenhagen for American Tobacco Company. It was drawn by the Danish advertising illustrator Aage Lippert.

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